Manucurist Duo Green Flash nail polish remover & nail clips


Green Flash, the first green gel nail polish that can be removed like ordinary polish!

97% bio-sourced and acetone-free, our Green Flash Nail Polish Remover removes polish quickly and gently.

Its castor oil-enriched formula with its delicate floral fragrance moisturises and cares for your nails.

The must-have accessory for removing your gel nail polish in no time. Quick, easy and portable!

The duo you won't want to be without! No more long hours spent removing your polish with acetone—these nail clips will be your new best friends.

Removal: a few drops of gentle nail polish remover on a cotton pad, clip it to your nail, wait 1-2 minutes et voilà—all done!

How to use the nail clips?

Apply a cotton pad soaked in Green Flash nail polish remover to each nail. To make this step easier, hold the cotton pads in place with our nail clips. Leave on for 1 minute.

Rub off any base coat residue.

Ingredients: ethyl acetate, alcohol denat., ricinus communis seed oil, parfum, etocrylene, butyl acetate, CI CI 61565, CI 47000

97% bio-sourced

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