VitaJuwel crystal straw set

The revolution for all kind of drinks: The VitaJuwel Straw!

Balance all your chakras!
A chakra is assigned to each of the seven stones:
Amethyst - crown chakra
Tourmaline Quartz - Third Eye Chakra
Sodalite - throat chakra
Aventurine - heart chakra
Orange calcite - solar pexus chakra
Carnelian - navel chakra
Red jasper - root chakra

The ALL7 Set comes with all seven gemstones, seven glass straws and coconut fiber cleaning brush.

The shapely and dishwasher-safe drinking straw made of glass with gemstone makes every drink a pleasure! The amethyst ring that surrounds the straw energizes the water, juice or cocktail with the power of the gemstone. 

Supplied incl. cleaning brush made of coconut fiber and a bamboo case with a cotton bag for storage - completely without plastic! 
Please clean the Crystal Straw thoroughly with the brush before use. 

Length of the drinking straw 20cm. 
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