Lena Wild lip care treatment - chic

SKIN BENEFITS: Nourish, soothe, protect.

This nourishing balm combines protective powers of coconut, raspberry oils and sheabutter to comfort delicate lips. Calendula and oat extract to further support the recovery of dry, rough skin, for softer and plumper lips. It helps to seal in the moisture of the lips and keep them protected. It also offers antioxidant protection thanks to gromwell root extract and a high proportion of vitamin E.

SUITABLE FOR: Suitable for all skin types, including very dry, rough and chapped lips.

SCENT: The uplifting, slightly citrusy aroma of blood orange with a touch of sweetness from wild benzoin combined with the gentle almond-like aroma of plum oil.

TEXTURE: Silky balm texture, when applied to the lips it creates a thin protective layer that feels light and soft. Glossy with a touch of gentle rosy hue.

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